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The Lord of The Films October 10, 2006

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October 10, 2006

Wearing his trademark khaki shorts, purple T-shirt and no footwear, it’s this relaxed disposition that suggests a director simply interested in being himself and not worrying about the rest of the world – least of all Hollywood. This is why he makes it a point to shoot all of his work in his native New Zealand. That’s the way it’s been and the way it will be.

Peter JacksonPeter JacksonWe’ve had the honor to interview Peter Jackson, who talked about what inspired him to be a filmmaker and his future projects.

“Well, the original King Kong inspired me to become a filmmaker, absolutely, to such a profound effect that I saw it on TV when I was nine on a Friday night in New Zealand. That weekend, I grabbed some plasticine and I made a dinosaur and I got my parents’ super eight home movie camera and started to try to animate the plasticine dinosaur. So really it was a moment in time when I just wanted to do monsters and creatures and ultimately led to becoming a filmmaker. I didn’t really know what directing was when I was nine, but more about the monsters at that stage. The original King Kong to me is just a wonderful piece of escapist entertainment. It has everything that’s kind of really cool about movies, such as a lost remote island and a giant ape and dinosaurs. It also has this wonderful heart and soul with this empathetic creature who when I was nine, made me cry at the end of the movie

when he was killed on the Empire State Building. That moment of shedding tears for him has stayed with me and to me that level of emotional engagement and just pure escapism as well. People go to the movies for different reasons. For me that’s a great piece of escapist entertainment, the original King Kong.”

During the interview, the director of “The Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong” talked about his upcoming film “Warcraft”, based on the popular videogame released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 1994.

“I’ve had a lifelong passion to make a fantasy adventure film, because when I was younger I loved stuff like Jason and the Argonauts and the original

King Kong. I’ve always had a desire to make one of those fantasy adventure type films, and they don’t do those movies any more, because fantasy is a strange genre that has always been treated with huge suspicion and contempt by Hollywood, and certainly they lack confidence with fantasy, and because they lack confidence they always make them a little campy or a little over the top, or they get over-designed and it all becomes about production design and not about the story, and the characters, and the characters are usually very clichéd. Videogames these days have an awesome and deep storyline, and Warcraft is not the exception. I’ve been interested in this game for a while, now that all the legal issues with Blizzard have been solved, I have green light to start working on it. Currently, the script is being worked upon and there is no telling when the filming will begin, though.”



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